Only A Few Days Left To Book Your Tickets!


“My Tormented Heart” is an hilarious comedy that will make you “laugh until you cry” (or “cry until you laugh” if you prefer it that way) but also give you so much to think about!

Performance schedule: Wednesday 29 June @ 20:00; Thursday 30 June @ 20:00; Friday 1 July @ 20:00; Saturday 2 July @ 20:00; Sunday 3 July @ 18:00

Venue: Theater… und so fort, Hinterbärenbadstraβe 2, 81373 München


Ticket price: 16 euros (normal price); 10-euro tickets available for students, theatre colleagues and anyone of you typing in “Rabatt” in the phone number space when making a reservation!

Photo credit: Darshan Lohade

Published by eastwestencounter is a Munich based, English language theater group. The roots of its two founders come from India (East) and France (West). Its aim is to bring together non-professional actors, directors, stage artists and technicians, who all share a true passion for contemporary theater. Its ambition is to produce plays that will be challenging projects and whose delivery is expected to create a deep emotional impact on the audience. Last but not least, its philosophy is to share different perspectives, by promoting new and diverse voices.

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