Game of L & L

Cast: Jennifer Blastorah, Jeremy McCowatt, Ravi Rege

Director: Ravi Rege

Technical: Tom Hafner

Past performance dates: October 13-17, 2021

Venue: “Theater… und so fort”, Hinterbärenbadstraβe 2, 81373 München


‘The Game of Love & Lies’ is a romantic comedy inspired by writings of the French playwright Marivaux. 

Adultery, bad faith, cynicism and power games, i.e. the so-called marivaudages, form a core part of the play. In a nutshell, it is a perfect example of ‘chickens coming home to roost’: if you cheat… beware of the consequences!

Some info about the team:

Born in Toronto, Canada, Jennifer Blastorah has performed in a variety of productions in Munich since 2014.

She is the attractive and enigmatic Amelia in ‘The Game of Love & Lies’.


Jeremy McCowatt (he does not like to be pictured!) has written / acted in / directed a number of Munich theatre projects over the years.

He is Tom, Amelia‘s unfaithful but jealous husband in ‘The Game of Love & Lies’

Ravi Rege has been acting in English, French, German & Hindi, and directing for many years.

He is Sid, Tom‘s improbable friend in ‘The Game of Love & Lies’. He is also the director of the play.


Special thanks to Tom Hafner for his great technical support (lights, sounds, photos) to ‘The Game of Love & Lies’!

Stage pictures: